Community Scheme Law

Conflict is a given in life. It is synonymous with ownership of land or parts thereof, in particular community schemes such as sectional title schemes. Conflict within these schemes takes a huge toll on the emotional wellness of owners and inhabitants of these schemes.

Except for the course on POPIA, we look in these courses at the need for awareness and self- and other compassion in dealing with property related conflict. We also provide knowledge resources in the belief that we will manage conflict better if we know more about the rules governing the spaces within which conflict arises.

POPIA and Community Schemes

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Price: R750 (Group discounts are available upon request – click here)
Author: Dirk Joubert (POPIA & conflict management in community schemes)
E-mail: Dirk Joubert

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Course Summary

This short program deals with The Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (POPIA) and its application to community schemes such as sectional title developments, home-owners’ associations and retirement villages.

Application to and by every community scheme within this framework will be unique. However certain matters will be the same for all schemes.

It protects certain basic human rights enshrined in our Constitution, such as a right to privacy, and it brings the South African statutory framework in line with a major piece of regulation in the European Union, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Relationships within a Sectional Title Scheme

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Price: R750 (Group discounts are available upon request – click here)
Authors: Karin Krohn and Dirk Joubert
Duration: 1 Hour
E-mail: Karin Krohn (community scheme management)
E-mail: Dirk Joubert (conflict management in community schemes)

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Course Summary

This course sets out the duties of developers, owners and trustees, and the role of the Community Schemes Ombud Services.

It describes relevant dispute resolution techniques and touches on the importance of and need for emotion regulation, awareness and compassion to improve relationships amongst role-players in community schemes.

Introduction to Community Schemes in Six Easy Steps

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Price: R150
Author: Dirk Joubert
Email: Dirk Joubert


Course Summary

In this course we introduce community scheme ownership in six easy steps – we step into life in a community scheme in South Africa. 

We look at the meaning of this for owners, tenants and other inhabitants, and the importance of awareness and self- and other compassion in managing conflict.

The essence of a community scheme is that it exists because it is a property scheme for a community. However, in all probability, this is the most under-estimated aspect of community scheme ownership.

Owners and tenants often do not understand the impact of having community members above, below and on each side of them: separated by approximately 14cm of brick or concrete.

In this short program we take six easy steps into life in a community scheme. We look at what makes that life possible.