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… equals growth. We  stand in awe every day at how people are able to define themselves and their communities as winners, inside out.

Business and Life Coaching

Find the soul line, because getting stuck on the goal line is getting into a rut filled with  unhappy meaningless moments. Business fits into our broader lives, so business success  depends on a meaningful personal life.

Do we know ourselves, how our brains work? We first need to know ourselves, to find meaning.

from R 550 per hour, 1st consultation is free – please go to our fees page Here

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is about assisting the coachee to determine and realise her/his objectives in any particular conflict or legal context. Conflict Coaching is goal -oriented, looks to the future, and focuses on a person’s specific objectives in dealing with conflict.

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from R 750 per hour, 1st consultation is free – please go to our fees page Here

Legal Services

Our legal services are based on the concept of resolution in the simplest, most straight-forward and cost-effective manner possible. We take instructions in the following areas of the law: Wills and Administration of Estates; Deeds of Sale and Transfer of Land; Litigation and Dispute Resolution;Commercial law matters.

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Legal services are bench-marked by prescribed tariffs – please go to our fees page Here

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution, especially transformational mediation, integrates conflict coaching, life and business coaching, legal advice and mentoring. It has a spectrum ranging from negotiation on the one side to litigation on the other. In between we find mediation, where the mediator, as with coaching, enables the participants to find their own answer to the conflict. It is here where transformation happens.

from R 950 per hour, 1st consultation is free – please go to our fees page Here

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