Conflict Coaching

Life Coaching is about the person being coached/the coachee. Conflict Coaching is about assisting the coachee to determine and realise her/his objectives in any particular conflict or legal context.

Conflict, for example, is ever present, and our role with Conflict Coaching is to coach you towards recognising and understanding the nature of the conflict, determining and realising your objectives with the conflict, assisting you to be successful in dealing with conflict, and dealing with post – conflict life.

Property transactions and contracts can be very complex. It is our role with Property Coaching to coach you with regard to each aspect of a property transaction, determining and realising your objectives.

We ultimately enjoy making you at home in the various fields of law, which sometimes seem distant, inexplicable and irrelevant, but which are so important. It sometimes is like finding a pattern or seeing a picture in a colourful painting.