Our commitment towards you, our client, and the commitment we require from you

We undertake to:

1. guide you through any legal and administrative process;

2. coach you in the process and the law – by this we mean that we shall help you to determine :

– how the law applies to you;

– why you are engaging in a legal process;

– how the process works;

– what you are required to do to achieve the outcome you set for yourself;

3. guide and coach you in setting of life goals of which any legal process is a part;

4. help you set realistic goals;

5. stay with you until we achieve the objectives you wish to attain;

6. assist you after finalisation of any legal process as you take the first steps into a new life;

7. work out our fees with you so that we find a win win result.

Whatever you share with us is covered by attorney-client confidentiality- this means the detail you share with us may only be divulged upon your instructions.

The commitment we require from you:

1. honest and transparent consultation;

2. work to understand and deal with the process;

3. commitment to achievement honest and ethical objectives set on continuous basis and adapted throughout the process;

4. willingness to achieve a win win in payment of our fees;

5. willingness to comply with FICA and POPIA legal rules.