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…leaves us with a fundamental and profound choice:

find and build a legacy of civility, or live in a residue of toxicity.

Conflict Resolution, in particular Mediation, is a synergy of conflict coaching, business and life coaching, knowledge of the law, and experience of legal matters.


Conflict resolution takes place on a spectrum with self-help on one extreme and litigation on the other.

Self-help morphs into negotiation, conciliation and mediation. If these do not resolve the conflict, the parties normally appoint a third party, an arbitrator (arbitration) or judge (litigation) to resolve the conflict.


Keeping resolution of conflict in your own hands is safer and more certain than leaving it to a third party. Of all the alternatives, mediation is probably the best way to resolve conflict permanently without leaving a residue of toxicity.

Mediation is private, confidential, voluntary and transformational. It requires from the parties to the mediation and the mediator to search deeper beyond the obvious and ordinary.

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