Affirmations to grow your business and make money

1. I am confident in my ability to make money.

2. I always live below my means.

3. I love money and appreciate what it does for me.

4. I am very optimistic about my financial future.

5. I experience very little fear or insecurity around money.

6. I am determined to get paid what I am worth.

7. I am passionate about my work.

8. I have very supportive and nurturing relationships.

9. I like wealthy people.

10. I have little or no credit card debt.

11. I intentionally get myself into situations beyond my ability and rise to them.

12. I am resilient and able to bounce back when I fail.

13. I am filled with gratitude for the success I have achieved.

14. I work very hard, but I know that I do not have to do everything by myself. I know how to delegate and set boundaries.

15. I am tenacious in achieving my goals.

Author: Barbara Stanny

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