60 Second Core Concepts for Conflict Resolution

Resourcefulness– when faced with one solution, creatively seek other alternatives.

Wait, let them come to you – Wellington’s strategy was to wait for the French in his chosen position. Place yourself in the path of providence, he said. When faced with conflict, it is sometimes good to wait a moment.

Place yourself in the Path of Providence- what does this mean.

Resolve conflict creatively.

Focus more on the seeds you sow, rather than the harvest. True in life but especially in dealing with conflict- this brings management of conflict in line with with normal day-to-day management of our affairs. Another way of saying this is- make sure not to feed the wrong wolf…

You need you to be great. Your chapter needs you to be great. What does great mean? In conflict it means growing the pie, that is go for give and gain; Endeavour to look from another’s perspective.  Find trust. If you believe, you can become it and do it. Take action on good ideas, find support.

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